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    Acordei e todo o tempo era hoje

Trajeto da água: não é um bem consumível

( * Trajectory of water: it is not a finite good)

"The changes that have occurred in cities over the centuries are perfectly mirrored in the water points of the Casa da Prelada. These water points that were once responsible for supplying the population of the house, are today forgotten, abandoned or hidden in the middle of the past. Consequently, and due to the changes in the city, progress and changes in urbanism, the Casa da Prelada ended up abandoning its fountains and water points."

Trajeto da água: não é um bem consumívelintends to highlight this issue of abandoned and deactivated water points and lines.

Because nowadays many fountains and water points end up being abandoned by the populations, becoming mere decorative (and forgotten) elements of the cities, often disconnected from their primitive function and disconnected from the local water networks, thus  eliminating the purpose for which they were made, this project intends to highlight such places by putting soap and/or paraffin plaques in the deactivated and abandoned water points. These plaques are made of consumable goods (paraffin and soap) that intend to raise the question: are these water points and water paths as consumable as soap and paraffin, materials of common use, and as water itself?

This project was born in parallel, and with the same intention, as the project Branco sobre Branco (White on White). The drawings engraved in the paraffin and soap plates are the same as in the project Branco sobre Branco that were reproduced and thought for them.

due to the pandemic the project was not exposed in the uninhabited and abandoned water points of the prelate's house as was the objective.

Feb to Jun 2020