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    the time
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Ilha portátil

(The portable island)

loss of matter, impermeability, beginning-ending

Ilha portátil (The portable island) intends to bring into the interior of the book exterior views of the book/island itself, thus representing different points of view of the same "island", with a distanced view that includes sea level. The book's ink, deposited on paper, will not be easily absorbed and will only dry as a result of the oxidation of the ink itself. Another element of change is the movement of the book itself: the movement of water when the book is flipped through, since it "begins" static in a certain position and, when flipped through, it moves and "ends" in another position, as it can always be assembled and its starting point is the first day of the exhibition or its first day of origin. When will its end be? And if this is reflected in the island, as it has already undergone changes, what will be its point of origin? Could it be previous to that of the human being?

The book also intends to exist without the acrylic box, replacing it by a place with water.

pdf - each page of the book

acrylic box; water; waxed paper; monotype with colour (black + blue + silver)

This work is one of several in which I explored the island/mountain theme, such as Histórico da ilha and Montanha portátil. Besides that Histórico da Ilha coexists with the book Ilha portátil.

Dec 2019