Adriana Nóbrega

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    Porto Santo project
    Guardians of the earth and sea
    Sociedade maritima
    A vida de Tobias
   Floresta Kelp: fauna e flora em extinção
    Portuguese man o’ war
    Smashed Crab
    Medieval Sea Monster

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    PORTO SANTO. Learning from the past and the present. Island that heals and is destroyed
    Casas de água

    Balão pato
    The travels of Gulliver's duck    
    Pato Tinó
    Confissões ao espaço
    Rose farm
    Beginning of the end -teamwork
    Shape of Roses (Dead)
    1 a 100 -past 
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    risomas imagiológicos
    BUFFALO RUNNING in the dark            
    ANO 0 103-365
    1-365 ANOS
    Trajeto da água: não é um bem consumível
    Branco sobre branco    
    Do céu ao líquido
    Montanha portátil   
    Texturas monotípicas
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    Ilha portátil
    Histórico da ilha   
    Monotipado repetitivo
    Rendas Algoritmo

    Tudo é uma janela
    Introspective laser

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    the time
    Acordei e todo o tempo era hoje

Histórico da ilha

(History of the Island)

loss of matter, starting point, recovering, past

A tenuous retelling of the island's past: What was the island like before the present time? What was the starting point? What could it become? Could it eventually return to its initial point completely or would it lose matter/soul? Would it "learn" from "life" and be able to "recover" matter?These questions are explored by the use of photographs of a more recent past, of the mountain element that starts in one form and undergoes changes, with different languages of representation and ends in a form similar to the initial one, however with more matter than that one.
Using old papers from different origins (e.g. accountancy paper and airplane stationery) would represent different areas of the past. Due to the use of this type of papers, remembering a past, whether recent or distant, would lead to a recollection of how thinks were before and reliving it along with the present.

airplane paper; accounting sheets (salaries); lined notebook paper; lithography; transfer; photopolymer

This work is one of several in which I explored the island/mountain theme, such as Ilha portátil and Montanha portátil. Besides that Histórico da Ilha coexists with the book Ilha portátil.

Dec 2019