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    PORTO SANTO. Learning from the past and the present. Island that heals and is destroyed
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    the time
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Buffalo Running 1883 Eadweard Muybridge

visual and sound editing. audiovisual synchrony.

In this work I used three sounds - two of them were recorded by me in the printmaking workshop: one is the sound of an unpressed printing press turning, the other the granitate of a lithographic stone and the third sound, taken from a video on the Shutterstock platform, is the sound of bubbles produced by a sea anemone.

The sounds were edited entirely by me in Audacity and I used, as effects, the filter curve with different settings for each sound, sometimes more than once in some segments of the sounds. I also used Paulstretch, inverted, repeated and cut the sounds. As this was my first time using this programme and editing audio, I decided to alter the sounds until I could create an audio that appealed to me, without a set goal in mind, thus arriving at the one I use in the video.

After editing the sound, I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 to synchronise the audio with the video/image. Throughout the video I use a short video of Eadweard Muybridge's "Buffalo Running" chronophotographs of 1883. This has been edited to synchronise with the audio of the water bubbles that is heard as a sound background.
In addition to the video of the "Buffalo Running" I initially use a manipulated photograph of a work by Teruo Isomi printed in the seminar "Modes of Editing - Inheritance and renewal: genealogy of a garden". In the second half of the video, I use some pictures of the book "Patternnot Pattern Blockof Drawing Copy" by Edwin VanGorder, digitised for consultation on the Archive site and some photographs of drawings and prints of my own authorship, which were also manipulated.
I used the chronophotographs, because for me they have a strong impact. I find them kind of "creepy" and intriguing due to their "dark" aspect of the captured movements. It seemed to me that these elements related to the language in the audios.
When editing the background images of the video, I used some edits suts as the displacement effect with turbulence and to better understand which effects were more adequate to the language I wanted and what their functions were, I resorted to the website as a guide.

Time: 00:01:11
Format: mp4

Jun 2020